Deal Charts

ABL Deal Chart 2013 Q3

Notable Transactions

Data gathered from direct sources, news releases and other public information (2013/07/01-2013/09/30)

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2013/09/25 A.L. Schutzman
Producer/Trail Mixes & Dried Fruit Blends
BofA Business Capital
26.5 ABL Facility
2013/07/16 Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics
Provider/Prosthetics, Orthotics
Gemino Healthcare Finance
2.0 Revolver
Refinances debt
2013/07/12 Accuride
Supplier/Comm'l Vehicle Components
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Ld Arranger, Admin Agent
100.000 ABL Facility
5-yr term; syn agent: BMO Harris Bank; participant: Deutsche; includes a $10MM FILO tranche; replaces existing facility
2013/07/17 Acme Machell Company
Manufacturer/Specialty Rubber Molded Products
First Capital
2.3 $2MM Revolver/$295,000 Term Loan
2013/08/08 Active International
Provider/Corporate Trade Services
Crystal Financial
35.0 Term Loan
Five-year term
2013/07/02 Aegion
Provider/Infrastructure Protection
Bank of America
Admin Agent
650.0 $300MM Revolver/$350MM Term Loan
5-yr terms; $150MM to support acquisition of Brinderson; jt ld arrangers/jt book mgrs: Merrill, J.P. Morgan Sec, U.S. Bank
2013/08/29 Akorn
Supports Hi-Tech Pharmacal acquisition
JPMorgan Chase Bank
675.0 $75MM Revolver/$600MM Term Loan
Developer/Pharmaceutical Products
2013/07/17 Alliance Data Systems
Provider/Marketing Solutions
Merrill, Wells Fargo Sec, SunTrust RH
2285.0 $1,142.5MM Revolver/$1,142.5MM Term Loan
Agents: J.P. Morgan Sec, Fifth Third, RBC Cap Mkts
2013/07/03 Allscripts Healthcare
Provider/Practice MGMT, Electronic Health Record Technology
Syndication Agent
650.0 $425MM Revolver/$225MM Term Loan
5-yr terms; co-doc agents: KeyBank/SunTrust/Deutsche Bank Sec/The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ; admin agent: JPM; ld arrangers/bookrunners: J.P. Morgan Sec, Citigroup Global
2013/09/17 Alora Pharmaceuticals
Developer/Pharmaceutical Products
Monroe Capital
75.0 Revolver
Supports growth
2013/09/17 Alphatec Spine
Manufacturer/Medical Devices
MidCap Financial
73.0 $40MM Revolver/$33MM Term Loan
Three-year term; increases existing facility
2013/07/09 American Apparel
Retailer/Branded Fashion Basic Apparel
Capital One Leverage Finance
50.0 Revolver
Facility increased by $15MM; Bank of Montreal was added as a loan participant
2013/09/10 American Water Capital
Provider/Public Utility Services
Wells Fargo
Admin Agent
1250.0 Revolver
Syn agent: JPMorgan Chase; co-doc agents: PNC & RBS
2013/08/13 AmerTac Holdings
Distributor/Decorative Lighting Hardware
Cole Taylor Business Capital
15.0 ABL Facility
Refinances debt; funds acquisition
2013/09/24 AngioDynamics
Provider/Medical Devices
JPMorgan Chase
Lead Bank
200.0 $100MM Revolver/$100MM Term Loan
Refinances debt; co-arrangers: Bank of America & KeyBank
2013/09/04 Antero Resources
Producer/Oil, Natural Gas Properties
JPMorgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank
Co-Lead Lenders
1750.0 Revolver
$300MM facility increase; borrowing base increased to $2B
2013/07/15 Antero Resources
Producer/Oil, Natural Gas Properties
JPMorgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank
Co-Lead Lenders
1450.0 Revolver
$250MM increase
2013/07/09 AOL
Investor/Internet Brands
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Lead Lender
250.0 Revolver
Five-year term
2013/09/16 Apollo Investment
Provider/Management Investment Services
JPMorgan Chase
Admin Agent
1250.0 Revolver
5-yr term; syn agents: SunTrust & BofA; arrangers: JPM Sec, SunTrust RH & Merrill
2013/07/01 Appvion
Manufacturer/Product Solutions
Jefferies Finance, Fifth Third Bank, KeyBank
Jt Ld Arrangers, Jt Bookrunners
435.0 $100MM Revolver/$335MM Term Loan
5-yr revolver; 6-yr TL; admin agent: Jeffries; revolver agent/swing line lender/LC lender: Fifth Third; doc agent: KeyBank
2013/09/04 Armstrong Tool
Provider/Rental & Fishing Tool Services
AloStar Business Credit
6.5 $2MM Revolver/$4MM Term Loan/$500K Capex Facility
2013/09/30 Arthur Schuman
GE Capital, Corporate Finance
Admin Agent & Sole Lender
110.0 ABL Facility
Debt refi; supports growth; GE Cap also provided equipment lease financing
2013/08/09 Asbury Automotive Group
Merrill Lynch
Syndication Arranger
1100.0 Revolver
Increases inventory floor plan facility; admin agent: BofA; co-syn agents: JPM, Wells Fargo; co-doc agents: Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA & Toyota Motor Credit
2013/09/27 Atlas Sign Holdings
Cole Taylor Business Capital
10.9 Revolver
Debt refi; $3MM mezz financing from Jefferson Cap Partners
2013/07/30 aTyr Pharma
Developer/Biologic Therapeutics
Silicon Valley Bank
10.0 Debt Facility
Supports therapeutic program development
2013/09/23 BaronHR
Provider/Staffing Services
Amerisource Business Capital
6.0 ABL Revolver
Refinances factoring obligations
2013/08/15 Betty Machine Company
Manufacturer/Machine Parts
Cole Taylor Business Capital
15.0 ABL Facility
Refinances debt
2013/08/01 BioScrip
Provider/Comprehensive Infusion & Home Care Solutions
SunTrust Bank
Admin Agent
475.0 $75MM Revolver/$250MM TL B/$250MM Delayed-Draw TL
Partially funds acquisition of CarePoint Partners; jt ld arrangers: SunTrust, Jefferies & Morgan Stanley Sr Funding; syn agent: Jefferies; Doc agent: MSSF
2013/08/23 Birks & Mayors
Operator/Luxury Jewelry Stores
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Co-Col Agent
28.0 Term Loan
Five-year term; admin & co-col agent: Pathlight Capital
2013/08/09 Black Ridge Oil & Gas
Developer/Oil & Gas Energy Solutions
Cadence Bank & Chambers Energy MGMT
125.0 $50MM Revolver/$75MM Term Loan
Three-year revolver; four-year term loan
2013/08/23 Blue Racer Midstream
Provider/Utica Shale Midstream Services
Wells Fargo Sec, RBS Sec
Jt Bookrunners, Jt Ld Arrangers
800.0 Revolver
Five-year; jt ld arrangers: Comerica, RBC Cap Mkts, SunTrust RH & U.S. Bank
2013/07/16 Blue Wolf Capital Partners
Investor/Mid-Market Companies
27.0 $12MM ABL Revolver/$15MM Term Loan
Supports Suwannee Lumber Company acquisition; Steel City Capital Funding financed in part
2013/07/11 Boulder Brands
Provider/Health, Wellness Brands
330.0 $80MM Revolver/$250MM Term Loan
5-yr revolver; 7-yr term loan; refinances debt
2013/07/03 BSM Technologies
Provider/Remote Fleet Monitoring
TD Bank
10.0 $3MM Revolver/$7MM Term Loan
Three-year term; supports acquisition of AutoVision Wireless
2013/07/31 Caché
Retailer/Women’s Apparel
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Admin Agent, Collateral Agent
25.0 Revolver
Five-year term
2013/07/01 Carpenter Technology
Five-year term; replaces existing revolver
BofA Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan Securities
Jt Ld Arrangers
500.0 Revolver
Producer/Specialty Alloys
2013/09/24 Charles & Colvard
Supplier/Gemstones & Jewels
PNC Bank
10.0 Revolver
Supports growth
2013/09/11 Cincinnati Bell
Provider/Communications Solutions
Bank of America
Admin Agent
540.0 Term Loan B
Seven-year term
2013/07/24 Continuum Healthcare
Operator/Skilled Nursing Facilities, Pediatric Day Care Centers
Oxford Finance
11.5 $1.5MM Revolver/$10MM Term Loan
Supports acquisition of The Health Center at Galloway & Galloway Pediatric Medical Day Care
2013/09/05 Corgenix Medical
Manufacturer/Specialized Immunology Disorder Diagnostic Kits
Bank of the West
1.5 Revolver
Replaces existing ABL revolver
2013/09/11 Corporate Capital Trust
Provider/Business Development Services
J.P. Morgan Sec, ING Capital
Ld Arrangers
285.0 Revolver
Four-year term; expandable to $600MM
2013/08/23 Crown Castle
Operator/Wireless Communication Infrastructure
Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, & RBS Sec
800.0 Tranche B Term Loan
7.5-year term
2013/07/02 Cytori Therapeutics
Developer/Cell Therapies
Oxford Finance, Silicon Valley Bank
27.0 Term Loan
Four-year term; prepays existing loan w/ GE Cap, Oxford & SVB
2013/07/13 Delek Logistics Partners
Operator/Crude Oil, Refined Product Logistics & Marketing Assets
Fifth Third Bank
Admin Agent
400.0 Revolver
4-yr term; co-syn agents: BofA, RBC; co-doc agents: Compass Bank, Barclays, PNC, RBS Citizens
2013/09/10 Delphinus Medical Technologies
Developer/Medical Technologies
GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services
Admin Agent & Sole Lender
6.0 Multi-Draw Term Loan
Supports clinical and commercialization efforts
2013/09/04 Demand Media
Provider/Digital Media & Domain Services
SVB & U.S. Bank
Jt Book Mgrs & Jt Ld Arrangers
225.0 $125MM Revolver/$100MM Term Loan
5-yr term; admin agent: SVB; syn agent: U.S. Bank; doc agent: Fifth Third; participants: Comerica, Citibank, Union Bank, OneWest & Goldman
2013/08/16 DG3 Holdings
Provider/Visuall Communications Services
Cole Taylor Business Capital
Senior Lender
18.4 $14MM Revolver/$4.4MM Term Loan
SSG acted as exclusive investment banker
2013/09/16 Dots
Retailer/Women's Apparel & Accessories
Salus Capital Partners
51.0 Term Loan
Four-year term; refinances debt; Irving Capital portfolio company
2013/09/25 Edgewater Technology
Provider/Consulting Services
RBS Citizens
10.0 Revolver
Three-year term; $5MM accordion
2013/07/26 Emerge Energy Services
Provider/Energy Services
PNC Capital Markets
Ld Syndicator
150.0 Revolver
Refinances Debt; Sponsored by Insight Equity
2013/08/07 EnerSys
Provider/Stored Energy Solutions
BofA Merrill, Wells Fargo Securities
Jt Ld Arrangers & Jt Book-Running Mgrs
350.0 Revolver
Five-year term
2013/08/13 Engility Holdings
Provider/Specialized Technical Consulting Services
Bank of America
Admin Agent
450.0 $250MM Revolver/$200MM Term Loan
Five-year term; replaces existing facility; $150MM accordion
2013/08/28 Epiq Systems
Provider/Tech Solutions
KeyBank, PNC Bank & Silicon Valley Bank
Jt Ld Arrangers
400.0 $100MM Revolver/$300MM Term Loan
Five-year revolver; seven-year term loan; refinances debt
2013/07/09 Foundation Radiology Group
Provider/Elegant Radiology" Solutions"
Square 1 Bank
6.0 Revolver
Supports growth
2013/07/18 FTD Companies
Internet Provider/Consumer Products, Services
BofA Merrill, Wells Fargo
Jt Ld Arrangers, Book Mgrs
350.0 Revolver
Five-year term; admin agent: BofA; refinances debt
2013/09/10 General Cable
Manufacturer/Cable Products
JPMorgan Chase
Admin Agent
1000.0 ABL Revolver
5-yr term; increases facility; European admin agent: JPM Europe Limited
2013/07/18 General Insulation Company
Distributor/Comm'l, Industrial Insulation, HVAC, Fire Stop Products
NewStar Business Credit
40.0 Revolver
NewStar syndicated a portion to BBVA Compass
2013/09/17 General Products Corp.
Manufacturer/Precision Machined Components
Cole Taylor Business Capital
17.0 Revolver
Northwest Mezzanine Partners portfolio company; refinances debt
2013/09/25 Global Transportation Services
Provider/Transportation Services
First Capital
8.0 ABL Facility
Supports a mgmt buyout; collateralized by A/R
2013/08/21 Globe Specialty Metals
Producer/Silicon Metal & Alloy
RBS Citizens, PNC, Wells Fargo
Jt Book Mgrs & Jt Ld Arrangers
300.0 Revolver
5-yr term; $150MM accordion; debt refi; participants: BBVA Compass, BB&T, Citibank, Fifth Third, Capital One & HSBC
2013/08/16 Globe Wireless
Provider/Satellite Communications, Info Tech Services
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
15.8 $15MM Revolver/$839K Term Loan
Phoenix MGMT was exclusive restructuring financial advisor
2013/09/16 Gray Line of Tennessee
Provider/Motorcoach Services
PNC Bank
14.0 ABL Revolver
Refinances debt
2013/08/05 Gunvor Group
Trader/Independent Commodity
UniCredit Bank AG & Deutsche Bank AG
Book-Running Mandated Ld Arrangers
500.0 Revolver
Finances capital needs of the company's refinery in Ingolstadt, Germany
2013/09/27 Hampshire Group
Provider/Fashion apparel
Salus Capital Partners
30.0 $27MM Revolver/$3MM TL
3-yr term; up to $50MM w/ accordion; Wells Fargo facility refi
2013/07/22 Hart Stores
Operator/Retail Department Stores
PNC Bank Canada Branch
30.0 ABL Revolver
Replaces existing banking arrangement
2013/07/31 Hemisphere Media Group
Seven-year term; ld bookrunner: Deutsche Bank Sec
GE Cap Mkts, Deutsche Bank Sec
Jt Ld Arrangers
175.0 Term Loan B
Provider/Spanish-Language TV/Cable Network
2013/07/31 Hudson's Bay Company
Operator/Specialty Retail Shops
Bank of America & Royal Bank of Canada
1900.0 Term Loan
Supports Saks acquisition
2013/08/06 Infinite Aegis
Provider/Revenue Cycle MGMT Services
Full Circle Capital
5.0 Revolver/Term Loan
Supports Rocky Mountain Urgent Care acquisition; additional $5MM provided by another lender
2013/07/25 Interide Transport
Provider/Transportation Services
TAB Bank
1.5 Revolver
Based on A/R, extended through a multi-year agreement
2013/09/25 INTL FCStone
Provider/Financial Services & Products
BofA Merrill, Capital One
Jt Ld Arrangers, Jt Book Mgrs
140.0 Revolver
3-yr term; admin agent: BofA; participants: Bank Hapoalim, BMO Harris & The Korea Dev Bank NY
2013/09/24 JAG Healthcare
Provider/Healthcare Services
Oxford Finance
14.5 $1.5MM Revolver/$13MM Term Loan
Supports skilled nursing facilities acquisition
2013/08/28 Jagged Peak
Provider/E-Commerce Solutions
Fifth Third Bank
5.0 Revolver
Two-year term; increases by $2MM; extends maturity
2013/07/25 Jamba Juice Company
Restaurant Retailer/Specialty Beverage, Food Offerings
Wells Fargo Bank
15.0 Revolver
Three-year term; increases credit agreement
2013/07/26 JD Norman Industries
Manufacturer/Metal Components & Systems
BofA Business Capital
30.0 ABL Facility
Refinances debt; supports acquisition of two Federal-Mogul subsidiaries
2013/09/20 Johnson Outdoors
Manufacturer/Outdoor Recreation Brands
PNC Capital
90.0 Revolver
Five-year term; ld agent: PNC Bank; facility with Ridgestone Bank remains in effect
2013/07/19 KapStone Paper and Packaging
Producer/Unbleached Kraft Paper Products, Corrugated Products
BofA, Barclays, Well Fargo Bank
Lead Lenders
1675.0 $400MM Revolver/$805MM TL A-1/$470MM TL A-2
Supports stock purchase of Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging
2013/08/22 KeHE Distributors
Provider/Organic Food Products
GE Capital, Corporate Finance
Co-Col Agent
300.0 ABL Facility
2013/08/22 Kindred Healthcare
Provider/Healthcare Services
JPMorgan Chase
Admin Agent, Col Agent
1535.0 $750MM ABL Revolver/$785.5MM Term Loan
Five-year term; $250MM aggregate increase
2013/09/10 Kiss My Face
Retailer/Organic Personal Care Products
Marquette Business Credit
5.0 Revolver
Caltius Equity Partners portfolio company
2013/08/07 Kodak
Provider/Imaging & Photographic Equipment
BofA Merrill, Barclays & J.P. Morgan
Jt Ld Arrangers
200.0 ABL Revolver
5-yr term; increases exit financing to $895MM
2013/07/16 Krispy Kreme
Wholesaler/Sweet Treats, Complementary Products
Wells Fargo Bank
Admin Agent
40.0 Revolver
Increases revolver by $15MM; retires $22MM outstanding TL balance
2013/08/02 LegalShield
Marketer/Legal Counsel & Identity Theft Solutions
MVC Capital
10.0 Term Loan
7-yr term; part of a $175MM TL arranged by Morgan Stanley Senior Funding & RBC Cap Mkts
2013/08/19 Level 3 Communications
Provider/Telecom Services
Merrill Lynch Capital
Admin Agent, Col Agent
595.5 Tranch B Term Loan
Seven-year term
2013/08/19 Live Nation Entertainment
Provider/Live Entertainment & Ecommerce
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Admin Agent, Col Agent
1400.0 $335MM Revolver/$115MM TL A/$950MM TL B
Canadian agent: JPM Toronto; London agent: J. P. Morgan Europe
2013/08/06 Media General
Provider/Broadcast TV, Digital Media & Mobile Platforms
RBC Capital Markets
Ld Left Arranger & Admin Agent
945.0 $60MM Revolver/$885MM Term Loan
5-yr revolver; 7-yr TL; supports Young Broadcasting merger
2013/07/29 Milestone Aviation Group
Lloyds Bank
Mandated Ld Arranger
300.0 Revolver
Supports acquisition/leasing of helicopters; original lenders: Lombard & Barclays
2013/08/29 MIQ Logistics
Provider/Transportation & Distribution Services
BofA Business Capital
32.5 ABL Facility
2013/08/05 Mitcham Industries
Admin Agent
50.0 Revolver
Replaces prior credit agreement with First Victoria National Bank
2013/09/23 NetDimensions
Provider/Mgmt Systems
Silicon Valley Bank
5.0 $2MM Working Cap Line/$3MM Term Loan
Two-year working cap line; three-year term loan
2013/07/19 Newport Corporation
Supplier/Advanced Tech Products, Systems
JPMorgan Chase
Lead Lender
275.0 Revolver
5-yr term; replaces $250MM facility; supports acquisitions & stock repurchases
2013/09/24 Nomis Solutions
Provider/Pricing Management Services
Square 1 Bank
5.0 Revolver
Supports growth
2013/08/28 North American Bison Cooperative
Producer/Grain Finished Bison Products
Marquette Business Credit
3.7 Revolver/Equipment Term Loan
2013/09/09 OM Group
Provider/Metal-Based Specialty Chemicals
PNC Bank
350.0 Revolver
Replaces previous facility
2013/07/22 Pacific Coast Feather Company
Manufacturer/Basic Bedding Products
GE Capital, Corporate Finance
Sole Lender
76.8 ABL Facility
Refinances debt
2013/08/28 PGi
Provider/Virtual Meetings, Cloud-Based Solutions
Bank of America
Admin Agent
400.0 Revolver
Five-year term; increases by $100MM; extends maturity
2013/08/22 Portfolio Recovery Associates
Provider/Business Services
Bank of America
Admin Agent, Swing Line Lender & L/C Issuer
633.0 $415.5MM Revolver/$20MM Revolver/$197.5MM TL
Adds Bank of Hampton Roads, Heritage & Union First Mrkt to syndicate; BofA decreased commitments
2013/08/28 PrimeSource Healthcare Systems
Provider/Mobile Healthcare & Billing Services
Oxford Finance
5.5 Revolver
Refinances debt
2013/09/25 Punta Lima Wind Farm
Operator/Wind Farm
CIT Corporate Finance
Sole Ld Arranger
36.0 Revolver
Structured through a sale and leaseback of the facility between Sovereign Bank (owner of Punta Lima) and Gestamp Wind; financing provided by CIT Bank
2013/07/10 PureTek
Manufacturer/Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Health/Beauty Products
Cole Taylor Business Capital
12.0 Revolver
Refinances existing debt
2013/08/02 Quebecor Media
Provider/Integrated Communications
Citigroup Global Mkts, RBC Cap Mkts & The Bank of Nova Scotia
Jt Ld Arrangers, Jt Book Mgrs
350.0 Term Loan B
Seven-year term
2013/08/14 Radiant Logistics
Provider/Logistics Services
Bank of America
30.0 Revolver
Replaces existing facility; provides higher advance rates
2013/09/19 RagingWire Data Centers
Designer/Mission-Critical Data Centers
BofA, Comerica Bank
230.0 Revolver
Supports growth
2013/07/19 RCL Services Group
Supplier/Railroad Signal Services
BofA Business Capital
65.0 ABL Facility
2013/09/25 Rentech
Manufacturer/Nitrogen Fertilizer Businesses
Credit Suisse Cayman
Ld Lender & Admin Agent
100.0 Revolver
Credit Suisse Cayman & Morgan Stanley Bank each hold $50MM
2013/09/05 Retail Solutions
Provider/Big Data & Predictive Analytics
City National, Bridge Bank
16.0 Revolver
Supports continued geographic expansion
2013/08/23 Rexnord
Provider/Industrial Services
Credit Suisse AG
Admin Agent, Refi Term Lender
2.0 Term Loan
Seven-year term
2013/07/22 Saladax Biomedical
Developer/Diagnostic Services Products
GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services
Admin Agent, Sole Lender
10.0 Term Loan
Adds $8MM term loan to existing facility; supports ongoing commercialization efforts
2013/08/26 Sanomedics International
Provider/Medical Tech Services
MC Healthcare Finance
5.0 $3MM Revolver/$2MM Term Loan
Supports two acquisitions
2013/09/23 Seaton
Provider/Recruiting & Outsourcing Services
BofA Business Capital
85.0 ABL Facility
Debt refi; intended to increase seasonally; Leeds Equity Partners portfolio company
2013/08/16 Service Building Supply
Supplier/Building Materials
Keltic Financial Services
3.5 Revolver
2013/07/31 Sheffield Manufacturing
Manufacturer/Aerospace Precision-Machined Components
First Capital
9.0 ABL Revolver/Term Loan
Supports acquisition by PE firms Hancock Park Assoc. & Next Point Cap
2013/08/22 Skullcandy
Wells Fargo Bank
50.0 Revolver
2013/07/23 Skylight Healthcare Systems
Provider/Interactive Patient Care Systems
GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services
Admin Agent, Sole Lender
10.0 Multi-Draw Term Loan
Supports new capital expenditures associated with new hospital contracts
2013/07/22 SMART Technologies
Provider/School, Workplace Tech Solutions
Morgan Stanley Senior Funding
Admin Agent, Sole Ld Arranger
175.0 $50MM ABL/$125MM Term Loan
4-yr ABL; 4.5-yr term loan; refinances debt
2013/09/18 Sonitus Medical
Developer/Medical Device Company
GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services
Admin Agent
10.0 Multi-Draw Term Loan
Supports commercialization efforts
2013/08/15 Sport Chalet
Retailer/Specialty Sporting Goods
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
75.0 Revolver
Five-year term; $10MM facility increase
2013/08/05 Standard Register
Provider/Document Management Systems & Services
Bank of America
125.0 ABL Facility
Supports acquisition of WorkflowOne; amends existing facility
2013/07/29 Tandy Brands
Designer/Branded Accessories
Salus Capital Partners
Lender, Admin Agent & Collateral Agent
29.0 $27.5MM Revolver/$1.5MM Term Loan
Two-year term; repays Wells Fargo debt; also secured $11.5MM master credit agreement w/ King Trade
2013/09/11 TCP Capital
Provider/Business Development Services
Deutsche Bank AG
100.0 Revolver
3-yr term; doubles credit facility; accordion feature expanded to $200MM
2013/09/24 The Berry Company
Provider/Search Solutions
LBC Credit Partners
Agent & Sole Lender
15.0 Term Loan
Supports recap; provided in conjunction w/ equity investment
2013/08/06 The Providence Service Corporation
Provider/Home & Community Social Services Delivery
Bank of America & SunTrust Bank
Lead Lenders
225.0 $165MM Revolver/$60MM Term Loan
Five-year terms
2013/08/15 Tranzonic
Provider/Cleaning & Maintenance Products
PNC Bank
Co-Ld Arranger, Agent
40.0 $19MM ABL Revolver/$21MM Term Loan
Supports acquisition by PE firm Silver Oak Services; Steel City Capital Funding provided a portion
2013/08/08 Triangle Petroleum
Developer/Oil & Gas Energy Solutions
Wells Fargo Energy Capital
Admin Agent
60.0 Term Loan
Supports Williston Basin properties acquisition
2013/09/19 TriMas
Provider/Engineered Products
J.P. Morgan Sec, Merrill Lynch & Wells Fargo Sec
650.0 $475MM Revolver/$175MM Term Loan A
Refinances existing facilities
2013/09/05 TruckPro
Distributor/Heavy-Duty Truck Parts
CIT Bank, JPM, Madison Cap, Ally Comm'l & NXT Cap
Co-Ld Arrangers
194.5 Senior Secured Facility
Harvest portfolio company; finances acquisition of CCI Corp.
2013/07/24 U.S. Silica Holdings
Producer/Commercial Silica
BNP Paribas
Ld Arranger
425.0 $50MM Revolver/$375MM Term Loan
5-yr revolver; 7-yr TL; amends existing facility
2013/07/03 Unified Grocers
Supplier/Independent Grocery Retailers
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Lead Bank
316.0 $275MM ABL Revolver/$41MM Term Loan
Five-year term; participants: BMO Harris, BofA, Union Bank, PNC, Bank of the West
2013/08/28 Varian Medical Systems
Manufacturer/Medical Devices & Software
Bank of America
Admin Agent, Swing Line Lender & L/C Issuer
800.0 $300MM Revolver/$500MM Term Loan
Five-year terms; co-syn agents: Sumitomo Mitsui & Wells Fargo; jt ld arrangers: Merrill, Sumitomo & Wells Fargo
2013/08/09 Vishay Intertechnology
Admin Agent
640.0 Revolver
5-yr term; jt ld arrangers: J.P. Morgan, Comerica Sec, RBS Citizens & HSBC Sec
2013/09/16 Xenon Arc
Provider/Tech Business Process Solutions
First Capital
9.0 ABL Revolver
Collateralized by A/R; Weston Presidio portfolio company
2013/07/09 Xerium Technologies
Manufacturer/Industrial Machine Consumables
PNC Bank
40.0 ABL Revolver
The ABL provides for CAN and U.S. dollar advances
2013/09/11 Yellow Media Limited
Provider/Media & Marketing Solutions
BofA Business Capital
50.0 ABL Facility