Daily News: October 9, 2012

WFCF Provides $7.5 Million to Systems America

Systems America, Inc., a provider of cloud computing and information technology solutions, announced that that it has received a letter from Wells Fargo Capital Finance. Pursuant to this letter, Wells Fargo has proposed to provide Systems America a secured $7.5 million asset-based credit facility that would be used to acquire a specific targeted company.

Upon execution of definitive documents, the credit facility is to be used to finance a specific acquisition of the company. This proposed acquisition is an all cash transaction and non-dilutive to the company shareholders at this time. Upon completion of the proposed acquisition and based on negotiated credit facility terms, the company is expected to have consolidated pro forma revenues of $30 million and earnings of over $4.4 million for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2012.

As currently contemplated, borrowings under the credit facility would bear annual interest at variable market rates. This letter is non-binding and is subject to final due diligence and approval by Wells Fargo. The purpose of this letter of interest is to provide an approximate representation of the major terms and conditions. The company anticipates completing of due diligence, legal documentation and closing on the facility in the next few weeks after satisfactory due diligence by Wells Fargo.

This potential acquisition company is a privately held provider of onsite consulting solutions, offsite delivery, and outsourcing focused on enterprise software, business intelligence and automation solutions from sales and customer service through supply management and logistics to a wide range of clients.

“This proposed new facility strengthens the company’s balance sheet and provides additional working capital to accommodate future growth,” said Adesh Tyagi, chief executive officer of Systems America. Adesh Tyagi further added that “We have successfully negotiated with this acquisition target company over the past few months. Based on our negotiations and organic growth, we can demonstrate improved operating cash flow, and are now poised to build upon this foundation going forward.”