Regional Management, a diversified consumer finance company, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Regional Management Receivables II, have entered into a revolving $125 million warehouse facility, which is expandable to $150 million and will be funded by large loan receivables.

The warehouse facility has an initial term of 18 months, to be followed by a 12-month amortization period. Credit Suisse is acting as the structuring and syndication agent and Wells Fargo is acting as the administrative agent.

The company also amended and restated its senior revolving credit facility agreement agented by Bank of America. The committed line under the senior revolver has increased to $638 million from its previous amount of $585 million, and the maturity date has been extended to June 2020. The upper limit of the accordion feature has also been increased to $700 million from its previous amount of $650 million. Other borrowing terms under the facility, including the cost of funds, remain largely unchanged.

The amended and restated senior revolving credit facility allows for both the new warehouse facility and for subsequent securitizations using warehouse collateral, subject to the satisfaction of certain limited conditions.

“The establishment of our new warehouse facility, along with the increase in our senior revolving credit facility, is a testament to the strength of our business and will provide us with significant additional capability to fund our strategic growth initiatives,” said Peter R. Knitzer, president and CEO of Regional Management. “We look forward to our new relationship with our warehouse facility lenders and very much appreciate the ongoing long-term support of our senior revolver bank group, including the group’s newest members, BankUnited and Synovus.”