US Capital Partners, LLC has been engaged by Sagent Energy, a provider in the new green economy, to raise $44 million in debt financing and $34.9 million in equity financing for developing the Rosebud Nebraska Wind Facility Project (the Rosebud Wind facility) in Todd County, SD.

The Rosebud Wind facility is a 30-megawatt commercial-scale wind farm located on Rosebud Sioux tribal trust land. The tribal council has signed a lease to develop 50 of 680 acres of land for wind energy use.

“In evaluating the potential of wind energy generation, Native Americans realize that wind power is not only consistent with our cultural values and spiritual beliefs, it can also be a means of achieving Native sustainable homeland economies,” said Ronald Neiss, president of the Rosebud Utilities Commission, when the Reservation’s first wind turbine was installed in 2002.

“We are delighted to be arranging $79 million in financing for the Rosebud Wind facility,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, CEO and managing director at US Capital Partners. “The Dakotas are the richest wind region in the world, sometimes called the ‘Saudi Arabia’ of wind power. This 30-megawatt wind farm is designed to reduce greenhouse gases, create local jobs, and provide a large percentage of the renewable resource energy for the region.”

US Capital Partners is a private investment bank, direct lender and lead debt and equity financial participant and arranger.