US Capital Global Securities, an affiliate of US Capital Global, received an endowment from a philanthropic organization into its recently launched US Capital Global Lending LLC.

With an investment objective to both preserve principal and achieve consistent quarterly distributable income for its investors, the fund primarily aims to make senior loans of $1 million to $10 million to funds and other business credit providers that lend to qualifying small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) located primarily in the United States.

Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global is a private financial group with a track record in corporate finance, asset management and funds management. All private placements, securities, and other related services are offered by the group’s FINRA-registered broker-dealer affiliate, US Capital Global Securities.

“We are immensely pleased to announce the recent launch of US Capital Global Lending LLC,” Charles Towle, CEO at US Capital Global Securities, said. “SMBs are the engine of our economy, and supporting their growth is central to our mission at US Capital Global. Many SMBs consistently demonstrate attractive performance metrics, with many in the lower middle market historically delivering strong performance during both recessionary and growth periods of the overall economy.

“Many SMBs seeking to finance ongoing operations, launch strategic initiatives or fund expansion plans find themselves unable to access capital from the traditional banking sector. US Capital Global Lending LLC will enable other business credit funds and capital providers with a robust proprietary flow of lending opportunities to invest directly into qualifying SMBs. Launched in 2019 and actively allocating this year, US Capital Global Lending LLC is now open to eligible investors.”

US Capital Global Securities is the FINRA-registered broker-dealer division of US Capital Global that acts as placement agent for growth-stage companies, projects and investment funds.