Daily News: May 17, 2012

UPS Capital Provides Credit Line to Just Cellular

Just Cellular, Inc., an online source for affordable new, used and refurbished cell phones, announced a new funding agreement with UPS Capital, the financial services arm of UPS. Under the agreement, a line of credit is provided to Just Cellular using the company’s in-transit inventory as collateral.

“In today’s economic environment, small to medium-size businesses are seeking creative ways to finance growth,” said Eric Kirkland, CEO and founder of Just Cellular. “Our agreement with UPS Capital is reassuring to our traditional banking partners, who are comfortable knowing that UPS’ visibility and tracking tools are on the other side of this transactional financing.”

The increased cash flow has enabled Just Cellular to accelerate payment to its suppliers, who are mainly based in China. This in turn has allowed Just Cellular to negotiate more favorable terms with these suppliers. The agreement is also ideally suited for the company’s international financing needs, as traditional business lenders typically do not advance funds against inventory that is not within the borders of their home countries.

To better coordinate its shipping and customer service, Just Cellular has integrated the UPS delivery system into its custom-designed enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The ERP system provides sales analytics, forecasting, and customer data for maintaining ongoing customer relationships.