Universal Funding announced it brought on three clients in March 2014 for whom it provided $450,000 in factoring facilities.

The facilities included:

  • a $200,000 factoring facility for a coffee distributor based in the Bay Area,
  • a $50,000 factoring facility for a film production company on the East Coast, and
  • a $200,000 factoring facility for a staffing firm based in the Bay Area
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    “The three clients we brought on in March represent varying industries like staffing, distribution, and video production. With Q1 coming to a close, we have more inquiries for accounts receivable financing than ever,” said Universal President, Kyle Bergstedt. “We set-up more new clients in California every year as the state economy continues to grow and stabilize. Acquiring two new clients in the Bay Area in one month shows us this is a region in the midst of growth phase, and we’re happy that our financing solutions foster that growth.”