Daily News: December 16, 2016

Turnaround Professional Brownstein Joins NHS Board

NHS, a nonprofit providing community-based, education and human services, added Howard Brod Brownstein, president and CEO of The Brownstein Corporation, and Reginald W. Wilkes, senior vice president for wealth management at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, to its board of directors.

“We are looking forward to working with both of these esteemed men and using their expertise to help our business grow,” said NHS CEO Joe Martz.

Brownstein is a turnaround and crisis management professional, and as president and CEO of The Brownstein Corporation provides turnaround management and advisory services to companies and their stakeholders. He is a contributing editor of ABF Journal.

Wilkes is a former NFL linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. During his 10-year NFL career, Wilkes worked for Merrill Lynch during the off seasons as a financial advisor. Following his retirement from the NFL in 1988, Wilkes opened an investment banking advisory firm, which specialized in investment and lifestyle management services for professional athletes. He returned to Merrill Lynch in 2007 and founded the Wilkes Sports Management and Advisory Group.