Daily News: October 4, 2017

TradeCap Funds Two Early Stage Companies in Small Business Channel

TradeCap Partners funded an oilfield equipment distributor and a furniture distributor through its small business finance channel, closing both transactions within five days of engagement.

The oilfield equipment distributor is located in California with 19-months of operating history. TradeCap provided an initial purchase order finance facility of $132,000.

TradeCap provided the furniture distributor in Utah with a $60,000 purchase order financing need to fulfill a new government contract.

TradeCap focused on the resumes and industry experience of the management teams versus the minimal operating history of both companies.

Clinton Stanton, managing partner of TradeCap, said, “We’re excited about partnering with strong management teams of early stage companies to help execute business plans and facilitate growth. Small businesses of today will be the medium and large size companies of tomorrow and establishing relationships like these from the onset in very meaningful to us and our clients.”