Tiger Group is selling more than 55 million pieces of brand-new hemp CBD wellness products, packaging and related accessories in a major liquidation event. The inventory is worth a total of approximately $15 million at cost.

“As we begin 2022, we are extremely pleased to be offering one of the largest inventories of this type of product mix to hit the secondary market,” Jonathan Holiday, director of business development at Tiger Commercial and Industrial, said. “Below-market pricing will be made available for buyers acquiring large quantities of the packaging and accessories. The inventory is suitable for cannabis, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other companies to package your product as well as purchase for your retail operations.”

The offering features glass jars, tinctures, concentrates, plastic packaging, bottles, hemp pre-rolls, tins, labels, bags, hemp CBD/wellness items and more. Due to state regulations, certain inventory will be sold only to corporations or LLCs that are authorized to engage in the sale of those products.

The items are stored in facilities in Moreno Valley and Compton in California; Hebron, KY; Worcester, MA; and Mississauga, ON.

“In addition to physical pickup at these locations, some shipping options will be available by our client based on the size and other relevant details of the purchase,” Holiday said.

The liquidation sale will last approximately 60 days.