Taulia, a financial technology provider of working capital solutions, appointed Todd Musselman chief wellbeing officer.

Musselman has leadership coaching experience, having run his own business that offers motivational speaking, leadership training and executive coaching. Prior to this, Musselman worked for his family’s company for more than 25 years, playing a role in product development, marketing and sales strategies and guiding those in management positions.

Under Musselman’s leadership, Taulia will aim to strengthen its wellness culture, empowering its more than 300 employees around the world to put their wellbeing first as well as helping them maximize their professional and personal performance and development.

“The wellness of our employees is of paramount importance to our business,” Cedric Bru, CEO of Taulia, said. “We want to continue investing to ensure our employees are supported and nurtured. We see our role as crucial to help them to feel great and seize the opportunities ahead of them in their daily working lives and longer-term careers. Like athletes, everyone can benefit from coaching to get to the next level and Todd is bringing a fresh perspective and years of experience to help us improve how we do this. We want to help fulfill the curiosity and desire of our employees to grow and develop and Todd’s appointment will be a key driver of this.”

“I’m excited to be joining Taulia and using my experience to help boost employee wellness, performance and career development,” Musselman said. “Taulia’s people management function is world class, and I’m looking forward to working closely with the team to further promote wellbeing and help the team reach its full potential.”