TAB Bank closed more than $41 million in major credit facilities in the first quarter of 2024. Deal sizes ranged from under $1 million to $10 million from companies across the United States in the paper products, food, trucking and shipping, retail, construction and marketing industries. For these companies, the bank is a financial partner facilitating access to capital resources for growth and improved profitability.

Summary of deals closed in Q1 2024:

  • $10 million – an Idaho company that sells organically farmed beverages.
  • $9 million – an Arkansas company that makes self-sealing and crash-resistant aviation fuel cells.
  • $5 million – a premier consumer packaging and display company from Georgia.
  • $5 million – a New York company that is one of the nation’s fastest-growing, self-performing, general contracting and building maintenance service providers.
  • $5 million – an Ohio company that is a full-service provider of merchandising display programs for global brands.
  • $3 million – a California company that sells tree-free paper product alternatives.
  • $2 million – a premium organic and grass-fed bone broth provider in California.
  • $1 million – a California company that offers trucking and shipping services.
  • $750,000 – a Georgia company that ensures brand authentication and security software and services.