Daily News: December 3, 2012

TAB Bank Announces A/R Financing Ops Promotions

TAB Bank announced the promotions of Curtis Sutherland to vice president of A/R Financing and Erin Kennah to portfolio manager. The bank said the announcement demonstrates TAB’s continuing commitment in providing exceptional customer service and support to its nationwide client base.

“Curtis and Erin have been key components of our A/R Financing Operations team for many years. They have proven time and time again their level of dedication to the needs of our clients as well as the overall well-being of TAB Bank and our stakeholders. Our desire is to enhance the level of customer service and support our clients receive from our A/R Financing Operations team. We are also very mindful of the need to remain diligent and steadfast when it comes to the safety and soundness of the bank. I am very confident in Curtis and Erin’s ability to lead this team and ensure these goals are realized,” stated Gary Harding, chief credit officer for TAB Bank.

Sutherland joined TAB Bank in 2002 and has held numerous positions including business analyst, portfolio manager, and A/R financing manager. Prior to his appointment as vice president of A/R Financing, Sutherland served as director of A/R Operations where he oversaw critical system conversions, developed applications to streamline efficiency and increase productivity, and created and executed exception-based reporting techniques.

Kennah joined TAB Bank in 2008 as an account manager. Since then, she has held positions overseeing and managing teams of account managers as well as creating and implementing a new assistant account manager role within the bank. She directed this team of assistant account managers prior to accepting a position to manage TAB’s entire portfolio of transportation receivables. In her new role as portfolio manager, Erin will continue to oversee this portfolio as well as managing TAB’s large and growing portfolio of non-transportation receivables.