Solifi (formerly IDS), a global financial technology software partner for the secured finance industry, added Sunflower Bank as its first client to move mission-critical asset-based lending operations to Solifi’s software-as-a-service platform. Solifi completed migration of its end-to-end ABL SaaS solution earlier this year.

“We welcome this partnership and the opportunity it brings to provide our customers with these new cloud-based platform applications as part of our product and service offerings. This will help Sunflower Bank realize our strategic growth plans for ABL with our existing and future client base,” Doug Vitek, senior vice president of asset-based lending and managing director at Sunflower Bank, said.

“We at Sunflower are excited to partner with Solifi, and we are thrilled with the support we have received as their first client to migrate ABL systems operations to the new open finance platform. Our internal partners and our customers will benefit from the new advancements, efficiencies and privacy security that this powerful cloud-based enterprise application brings to Sunflower Bank’s complete product offering,” Barbara Fink, vice president of asset-based lending operations at Sunflower Bank, said.

“Welcoming Sunflower Bank as our first ABL customer to our SaaS platform is a huge milestone as we provide solutions and value by turning a fragmented industry into a global, holistic partnership,” Bill Noel, chief product officer at Solifi, said. “Our innovative business model enables us to provide Sunflower Bank an integrated and efficient operating system to rapidly launch new products, services and features with confidence.”