Luis Massiani, CFO and president of Sterling Bancorp, will assume the role of chief operating officer beginning March 1, 2021. Bea Ordonez joined Sterling as executive vice president and will assume the role of CFO on March 1.

Massiani joined Sterling Bancorp in 2012 as executive vice president and CFO. As chief operating officer of the company and president of the bank, Massiani will lead the bank’s three front-line business units, including the corporate, consumer and digital banks, as well as the bank’s technology and operations areas.

Ordonez has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, most recently serving as CFO of OTC Markets Group, a financial services company that provides trading, market data and corporate services. Prior to joining OTC Markets Group, she served as chief operations officer and managing director of Convergex Group.

“Bea is a great addition to our senior management team,” Jack Kopnisky, CEO of Sterling Bancorp, said. “Her background and expertise in senior leadership roles with various companies across the financial services industry will bring added management depth and perspective to Sterling. Bea will be a great cultural fit given her long history working in relationship-centric, technology driven companies. We are truly excited to welcome Bea to Sterling.

“Luis has demonstrated tremendous leadership, dedication, and strategic and financial acumen as CFO of the company and president of the bank. His transition to this new role is an outstanding opportunity for both Luis and the company. I look forward to working with Luis, Bea and our entire executive leadership team in the years ahead as we continue to focus on creating a diversified, growing and high performing bank.”