Daily News: June 5, 2012

SB Capital Provides $60 Million of SBA Loans During Past 12 Months

SB Capital, the manager of Small Business Capital, LLC, an SBA Licensed National Small Business Lending Company, announced today that its investment funds have financed in excess of $60 million of SBA guaranteed loans over the past 12 months.

“We believe that this volume of loan funding activity, which is in the top ten percent of all SBA lenders nationwide, indicates our commitment to, and expertise in, U.S. Small Business Administration guaranteed loan programs. We are fortunate that our recruiting efforts for highly qualified employees in 2010 and 2011 allowed us to have the infrastructure in place to benefit from SBA’s economic stimulus plans in place during this period. We have assisted scores of small businesses over the past year as a provider of vital working capital for their operations, and in providing financing on terms that they may not have been able to qualify for otherwise,” said Mark Feathers, CEO of SB Capital.

“There also continues to be a growing demand from banks for SB Capital’s program management experience and expertise in SBA lending administration, and we are presently negotiating equity investments on behalf of our managed investment funds into select banks that have the capital levels we believe are necessary to expand their SBA lending operations, and that also embrace our platform of experienced program guidance,” added Feathers.

“As we grow our SBA loan servicing portfolios, we continue to focus on maintaining high underwriting, processing, and servicing standards,” added Natalie Taaffe, executive vice president and chief operating officer.

SB Capital specializes in SBA guaranteed financing as the manager of direct lending investment funds, and as a consultant to institutional lenders. The company’s affiliate, Small Business Capital, LLC, is licensed as an SBA Small Business Lending Company, with national SBA Preferred Lender status.