KeyBank named Rachael Sampson senior vice president and director of Key4Women. Sampson will lead a nationwide network to promote and support women business owners and clients toward growth. Sampson, who has been with KeyBank for 15 years, previously served as relationship manager of commercial banking for KeyBank’s Cincinnati market.

“Rachael understands the importance of what it means to be a relationship-driven bank and how we can work with our clients to empower them,” Tony Amador, leader of KeyBank’s consumer healthcare and alternative channel, said. “She’s going to bring that vision and skill set to Key4Women as we grow this network and find new ways to help women-owned businesses during these challenging times.”

Sampson’s experience has prepared her for the challenges women business owners are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Key4Women’s Confidence Survey found the pandemic has created an incredible amount of strain for women business owners. In two years, the survey has found a 22% drop among respondents who say they are confident in their personal finances and in the future, along with a 23% drop among those owners regarding their confidence in the financial health of their businesses. One in three women now have low optimism they will achieve their business goals in the next year.

“Key4Women is an avenue of growth and advice for so many women business owners and leaders. As a relationship-based bank, we want to be a partner in helping our clients use every tool possible while knowing exactly what best fits their business and goals,” said Sampson, who has nearly 20 years of banking experience, ranging from commercial banking to loan operations management, compliance and credit.

Spurred by research and insights that women-owned businesses had characteristics and challenges unique from their male counterparts, especially relative to accessing capital and using credit, Key4Women launched in 2005. The complimentary program provides women business owners and leaders with committed advisors to help guide them on their financial journeys, networking events and educational opportunities, research and resources, and access to capital.

“When I joined KeyBank 15 years ago, Key4Women was less than a year old. While the complimentary program has grown exponentially, helping to generate more than $12 billion in loans granted to women-owned business since then, our goal remains consistent — to advocate, connect and empower women-owned businesses and leaders so they can thrive. I know we can keep that momentum going, no matter what we face,” Sampson said.