Daily News: May 23, 2012

Roynat Rebrands Private Equity Business Roynat Equity Partners

Roynat announced its newly rebranded private equity division, Roynat Equity Partners, which will seek to partner with mid-market private companies, primarily through equity investment, to provide the financing needed to successfully grow and achieve the business’ goals.

“Roynat specializes in providing a wide range of capital solutions to small and medium size businesses,” said Rania Llewellyn, president and CEO of Roynat Inc. “Today’s announcement highlights our commitment in the private equity portion of the capital solution mix first introduced in 2007. Roynat has been involved with private equity investments for 50 years, Roynat Equity Partners represents that experience and expertise in one focused division.”

Roynat Equity Partners will look for business opportunities in the $1 million to $10 million range, with a three- to seven-year investment horizon. Investments are via common shares, preferred shares, convertible debt and mezzanine debt. One area where Roynat Equity Partners stands apart from many others in the marketplace is its position on ownership percentage.

“We are comfortable in taking a minority holding position when we partner with a company,” said Wray Stannard, managing partner, Roynat Equity Partners. “Our research and analysis ensures we work with companies that have good growth potential, strong market position, and committed management. Following these criteria to select our partners means that we do not necessarily need majority participation to make the investment a success.”

For many small and mid-sized companies, taking on an equity partner makes perfect sense. For a share of ownership of the company, Roynat Equity Partners can provide the financing needed for mergers and acquisitions, business growth, capital expenditures, and succession planning. Along with their flexible investment and ownership solutions, Roynat Equity Partners also values their local approach to business.

“Much of our business is run from regional offices and extensive networks right across the country,” said Llewellyn. “Our teams understand the local markets, which is a real advantage to help us get to know our clients and design the financing solutions they need. We see tremendous potential in Canadian businesses and we are pleased to provide them with creative solutions to meet their goals.”