Roland Berger Strategy Consultants set up a new global Restructuring & Corporate Finance Competence Center. The previous Corporate Performance and Corporate Finance Competence Centers were combined to offer clients a new and comprehensive approach. Sascha Haghani, deputy CEO, Germany, will lead the new team of experts.

Haghani has over 18 years’ consulting experience in strategy, restructuring and corporate finance. His career began in the car industry. He later worked in securities trading at a leading German bank in New York before becoming a management consultant. He joined Roland Berger in 1995, was appointed partner in 2000 and most recently headed the Corporate Finance Competence Center. He is the author of several books on restructuring and corporate finance.

“Our new Competence Center links restructuring, finance and strategy,” says Burkhard Schwenker, CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. “Restructuring companies and getting them back on track has always been one of our core competencies.” But client needs have become more complex in recent years, with various different financing options, private equity investments and M&A options. This complexity requires experts in different areas to handle the complicated, often lengthy processes smoothly. Projects increasingly require combining the specific perspectives of corporate performance and corporate finance with strategy consulting.”

The reorganization is one of several initiatives at Roland Berger to enhance its market position and anchor the firm in regional markets. The new Competence Center has over 100 consultants and 15 partners in Germany. Other experts are expected to be hired soon.