Revitalization Partners developed a new proprietary digital marketing system to augment its expertise in corporate restructuring and receiverships. The asset marketing platform provides an alternative to traditional auctions with an online tool that can unlock trapped value.

The system uses cloud-based technology and was designed to give Revitalization Partners’ professionals the ability to extract more value in managing the receivership process. In addition, the system catalogues every interaction and generates detailed reporting. The system also has an upgraded bid structure as well as activity tracking with accompanying interest scores.

In addition, the system has a bid optimization module. Instead of tabulating results in relation to overall assets, the platform optimizes price by each item, utilizing scores based on the interactions and interest around individual assets.

“Our goal in designing the system was to more efficiently monetize the value of assets in receiverships,” Pat Scanlon, who leads the digital business practice at Revitalization Partners, said. “By taking a company’s intellectual property and utilizing AI technology, we have not only increased speed but also the number of potential buyers.”