Daily News: September 21, 2012

RB Milestone, BofA Partner in Credit Facility Deal

RB Milestone Group announced that it has selected Bank of America as its primary credit partner. This credit facility will be used for receivable financing and acquisitive purposes, furthering RB Milestone’s long-term growth agenda.

RB Milestone Group’s executive director, Ryan M. Brucato, commented, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Bank of America on this opportunity. Throughout our extensive due diligence process, we’ve found Bank of America’s offerings to be most in sync with our vision and growth expectations.”

RB Milestone Group is a corporate communications firm that provides a variety of market intelligence solutions, corporate advisory, equity research and public relations initiatives. The firm specializes in small-cap mining, energy, biotech and technology companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges and abroad, including Australia, Canada, China and Singapore.