Daily News: January 24, 2012

RAI Group Announces Customized Private Label Credit Card Programs

RAI Group, a national specialty mid-market finance company, announced it has ramped up its private label credit card capabilities.

“There is great potential through our new partnership with a major regional bank. RAI Group can now offer a simplified application that’s compliant with the Truth In Lending Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements in all fifty states,” stated Bette B. Gandelman, RAI’s COO. “We’ll launch a turnkey private label credit card for a retailer, medical provider or manufacturer. We’ll also redesign and re-launch an existing program. Our revolving consumer credit programs are an effective fit for retailers that want to spur repeat business and have customers that annually spend at least a thousand dollars. The same applies for manufacturers that sell directly to consumers or want to offer a consumer credit program to their dealers and distributors.”

RAI’s specialty is niche markets, such as patient financing for elective surgery, dentistry, veterinary and fertility. RAI offers programs for law firms that want to provide payment options for family law and small business law clients. Current programs include a 22-office law firm and the largest cosmetic surgery group in South Florida. RAI’s strength is tailored programs that increase incremental sales by expanding each consumer’s open-to-buy.

Gandelman said, “We’ve been able to empirically demonstrate that private label credit card holders are the very best customers. They spend more during each visit and shop more frequently.”

RAI’s approach to the retail, professional services and manufacturer markets lies in approving a very high percentage of applicants by offering one-stop, “first and second look” programs in one seamless environment.

In addition to operating and funding customized private label credit programs, RAI Group provides tailor-made commercial accounts receivable financing for under-capitalized, small- to mid-sized companies with annual business volume starting at $3 to $5 million.