Pipeline Foods completed the renewal and syndication of its operating line led by Rabobank, and including ING Capital and CoBank in the syndicate.

“In doubling the line with the syndicate, we ensure that Pipeline Foods has access to the funds it needs to service the growth we anticipate across the platform. We are excited that three internationally recognized agribusiness lenders have chosen to partner with us for the future,” said Monte Bullock, senior vice president of finance and administration at Pipeline Foods.

“This partnership is a testament to Rabobank’s commitment of Growing a Better World Together and provides us with a unique opportunity to support a sustainability-focused company in which virtually all assets and operations are green,” said Karel Valken, Rabobank’s Global Head of Trade and Commodity Finance Agri.

The Rabobank-led revolving credit facility is defined as a Green Loan, as it contributes to the achievement of global environmental objectives, adheres to no harm principles, and is crafted in adherence to the ICMA Green Loan Principles and EU standards.

With headquarters in Minneapolis, Pipeline Foods is accelerating the availability and reliability of non-GMO, organic and regeneratively grown food.