Express Freight Finance, an independent factoring company for the transportation industry, selected POPin Mobile Video Collaboration to provide a secure method of mobile virtual collaboration.

Merging mobile video with real-time document collaboration, POPin Mobile Video Collaboration enables face-to-face video conference support between businesses and customers across all digital channels, making it easier to engage with prospective clients.

“Factoring services are in desperate need of the personalized service afforded by mobile video technology,” said Jed Taylor, president of POPin Mobile Video Collaboration. “As POPin’s earliest pilot customer, Express Freight is leading the charge on this cutting-edge technology, reducing both its costs and typical industry pain points like fraudulent applications, delayed documents and a general lack of memorable client relationships.”

The POPin platform securely streamlines common factoring workflows including contract review, ID verification, document signature and presentation sharing—producing an elevated experience that commits clients faster, increases satisfaction, establishes trust and drives revenue. Calls can be initiated through a branded app, web portal or customer communication center.

“POPin provides an unprecedented level of security for the factoring industry,” said Dan Hadley, CEO of Express Freight Finance. “The ability to establish face-to-face client relationships built on trust and efficiency completely changes this business and allows us to more quickly and accurately help our partners achieve business success.”

Express Freight Finance is an independent factoring company offering just-in-time cash flow, or freight bill factoring, to the transportation industry.

POPin Mobile Video Collaboration is a web and mobile video software solution bridging the gap between businesses and their customers.