Daily News: January 28, 2013

PE-Nexus Facilitates Debt Financing For HomeTown Oxygen

PE-Nexus announced that it facilitated a $4 million senior secured debt financing of HomeTown Oxygen by New York City-based Enhanced Capital Partners through its SBIC fund, Enhanced Small Business Investment Company (ESBIC). Sell-side representation to HomeTown Oxygen was provided by the Charlotte office of Atlanta, GA-based Summit Acquisitions Group.

The PE-Nexus platform connected the two via its sweeping Buy-Side Mandate functionality, an intuitive communication tool that broadcasts specific acquisition criteria to the entire PE-Nexus ecosystem in seconds.

“We’re delighted to learn about another success story brought about by our Buy-Side Mandate tool. To the best of our knowledge, it’s still the fastest way to clearly communicate highly-targeted investment criteria to a broad audience of qualified advisory firms, instantly,” said Tony Hill, PE-Nexus CEO and co-founder. “We’re also pleased that it was a debt deal, which showcases our members’ growing adoption of PE-Nexus as an avenue for seeking and sourcing debt placement opportunities.”

“PE-Nexus has proven instrumental in meeting new intermediaries and finding this specific deal opportunity,” said Jonah Glick, VP at Enhanced Capital. “Prior to PE-Nexus, we had never met or heard of Summit Acquisitions Group. However, shortly after making our needs known via a Buy-Side Mandate, we were approached by Summit about a specific financing need for their client, HomeTown Oxygen, and within a few months we were able to fund and close the deal.”

PE-Nexus is a private market network for middle-market M&A professionals.

ESBIC is an SBIC fund set up for the purpose of providing debt and minority equity financing to U.S.-based lower middle-market companies.

Summit Acquisitions Group is a mergers and acquisitions firm.