Advisory firm O’Keefe has been named the winner of the Industrial Goods & Basic Resources Deal of the Year by the M&A Advisor for its work done with a manufacturing company. O’Keefe was a finalist in several categories including Real Estate Deal of the Year, Corporate & Strategic Acquisition Deal of the Year, Consumer & Retail Products Deal of the Year, Restructuring Deal of the Year, Consulting Firm of the Year and Accounting/Due Diligence Firm of the Year.

For the Industrial Goods deal, O’Keefe quickly navigated through a range of issues including: a shareholder dispute, failed sale of a division, loan covenant violations, a credit freeze, the untimely death of the owner and a new management team. O’Keefe executed a recapitalization resulting in a full payout to the incumbent bank seeking to exit, a sale to the new management and a financial windfall to the Estate’s beneficiaries.

O’Keefe competed with over 690 companies to receive the award.

“O’Keefe represents the best of the M&A industry in 2015 and earned these honors by standing out in a group of very impressive candidates,” said David Fergusson, co-CEO and president of the M&A Advisor.

“Each year, we pick a few deals to be judged for our transactional excellence by our peers against our competition. For the tenth consecutive year, O’Keefe has been recognized as the top financial advisory firm for transactions in the merger & acquisition, turnaround, recapitalization, and distressed transactions in the middle market,” said Pat O’Keefe, founder and CEO of O’Keefe. “We are a business partner for success. Our team has an indefatigable attitude with business acumen to deliver extraordinary results in challenging situations. It is testament to our team that business owners who engage us continue to realize unprecedented outcomes, quite often during trying times.”