Daily News: November 20, 2012

NexBank Capital Hires New CFO

Kenneth R. Hanks has been named chief financial officer of NexBank Capital and its banking subsidiary, NexBank SSB. With nearly three decades of experience in the banking and financial services industry, Hanks will oversee financial management, information technology and operations for NexBank and financial matters for the organization’s broker-dealer and investment banking subsidiary, NexBank Securities/Barrier Advisors.

“Ken has shown he can create top-line revenue growth, expand market share, streamline internal efficiencies and increase profitability,” said John Holt, NexBank Capital’s chief executive officer. “His deep industry experience, combined with his proven ability as a leader will play significant roles in our future growth and expansion.”

Hanks’ experience includes a variety of leadership, strategic and external board positions. Prior to joining NexBank, Hanks served as executive vice president and chief financial officer of SWS Group. He currently serves as a board member and audit committee chair to Peerless Manufacturing.

Hanks will fill a critical role in the development of NexBank Capital’s growth strategy to expand into new service areas and enhance its existing offering to clients. He will support the strategy