In a transaction designed to sharply scale its rapidly growing Uber partnership, vehicle subscription app Fair closed a $500 million revolving credit facility led by Mizuho Bank that will allow drivers nationwide to access a rideshare-ready Fair car, regardless of credit.

SoftBank Group (SBG) is among several credit providers participating with Mizuho in the syndicated debt facility. The transaction is designed to unlock new levels of growth for Fair and Uber by increasing the available supply of rideshare vehicles and making it easier for Uber drivers to earn with the company—even if they can’t qualify for a traditional loan or lease.

“Too often, people who want to drive for Uber can’t get reasonable rates on a car loan or even get access to one at all, so we’re taking care of that for them,” said Scott Painter, Fair’s founder and CEO. “This transaction is another clear signal that, through our partnerships with SBG and Uber, Fair has the momentum, consumer demand for vehicles, and access to capital to be the supply-side solution for ridesharing globally.”

The Mizuho transaction is the third significant line of credit that Fair closed over the summer, following a $100 million debt facility and minority equity investment from Ally Financial in August, and a $50 million increase to its credit line with Silicon Valley Bank in July.

Fair continues to utilize debt facilities from Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs as it scales its consumer and rideshare businesses.

“We believe Fair is an appealing partner for institutional lenders looking to manage the consumer credit risk associated with traditional auto finance,” said Andrew Karnovsky, managing director and head of Automotive Banking at Mizuho Americas. “Not only do subscriptions make sense for ridesharing drivers who want to access a vehicle on their own terms, but they essentially replace a system built on auto debt with a recurring-revenue model and steady cash flow.”

Through Fair’s Uber program, drivers with a form of digital payment can access a Fair car by the week directly through the Uber app, with no credit check and only a refundable security deposit due up front. Each car’s weekly payment includes practically everything needed to drive for Uber, including unlimited miles, insurance, routine maintenance and roadside assistance.

“This new line of debt capital unlocks unlimited growth potential for both companies, as they continue to transform the fundamental relationship between people and cars,” said Hiroki Kimoto, head of Real Asset Investment Department of SBG. “We are delighted to support the powerful natural synergies between Fair and Uber.”

Fair gives customers the flexibility to drive the car they want for as long as they want and lets them walk away any time, eliminating the long-term commitment of traditional financing or leasing.