Total commercial bankruptcy filings in the U.S. decreased in May 2013 from last year to 4,017, representing a 25% decline from the 5,341 business filings recorded in May 2012, according to data provided by Epiq Systems. Total commercial chapter 11 filings also decreased 25% to 537 filings in May 2013 from the 716 commercial chapter 11 filings in May 2012.

Total bankruptcy filings decreased 12% in May 2013. Bankruptcy filings totaled 96,430 in May 2013, down from the May 2012 total of 109,538. Consumer filings declined 11% to 92,413 from the May 2012 consumer filing total of 104,197.

“Sustained low interest rates, tighter lending standards and decreased consumer spending are assisting consumers and companies to shore up their balance sheets,” said ABI executive director Samuel J. Gerdano. “As households and businesses remain committed to deleveraging, the number of filings will continue to decrease.”

Commercial filings decreased 8% in May from the April commercial filing total of 4,382. May commercial chapter 11 filings decreased 24% when compared to the 704 filings recorded the previous month. Total bankruptcy filings for the month of May decreased 4% compared to the 100,732 total filings in April 2013. Total noncommercial filings in May decreased 4% from the April 2013 noncommercial filing total of 96,530.

The average nationwide per capita bankruptcy filing rate through May increased to 3.57 (total filings per 1,000 per population) from the 3.52 rate registered through the first four months of the year. Average total filings per day in May were 3,111, a 12% decrease from the 3,534 total daily filings in May 2012. States with the highest per capita filing rate (total filings per 1,000 population) in May 2013 were:

1. Tennessee (6.76)

2. Georgia (5.85)

3. Alabama (5.75)

4. Illinois (5.56)

5. Utah (5.44)