Marco Financial hired Sabrina Teichman as chief growth officer and Prajwal Manalwar as chief product officer.

As the first woman in Marco Financial’s c-suite, Teichman has experience in foreign policy, national security and international business in the public sector, having worked closely with international public and private sector leaders from government, Fortune 100 companies, top financial institutions, multilateral banks and other institutions.

Having served under three U.S. presidents, Teichman joined Marco Financial after 11 years in the federal government, most recently serving as managing director for the western hemisphere at the U.S. government’s development bank, the DFC. In this role, she led the agency’s strategic initiatives and business development and cultivated partnerships in the public and private sector across the western hemisphere, where the agency has its largest portfolio of investments, with more than $10 billion invested.

“The rise of global value chains and digital transformation offers tremendous opportunities for SMEs to integrate into the global economy, especially in [Latin America],” Teichman said. “I have worked first-hand in government developing and implementing policies to create an environment where trade and investment can thrive while supporting the unique needs of SMEs and the communities they impact. There has never been a time more important than now to not just talk about the tools needed to support the inclusive economic integration of SMEs but to build practical solutions for them. This next stage of growth for Marco will be rooted in our fundamental belief that prosperity through trade is the best way to strengthen economies, lifting communities out of poverty and accelerating the development of a global economy that works for everyone.”

With more than 15 years of experience built on the foundations of an engineering background, Manalwar has experience building financial technology platforms and expertise in striking product partnerships and integrations. Over the course of his career with PayPal, Manalwar launched several financial products across dozens of countries.

“While this region is a leader in enforcement of e-invoicing, one third of small businesses in Latin America have difficulty getting financial access, which constrains their development,” Manalwar said. “We at Marco believe in the mission that disruptive product and technical solutions can be key in managing better risk while lowering overall cost of credit for these businesses required to achieve financial inclusion and socioeconomic development in the region.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Praj and Sabrina to what we consider to already be a powerhouse team,” Peter D. Spradling, co-founder and COO of Marco Financial, said. “Being able to hire such highly talented individuals is a testament to the importance of the problem we are solving. Everybody at Marco is mission-oriented and believes in improving the lives of developing economies. If the mission wasn’t at the core, we wouldn’t be able to recruit talent from places like Paypal, the DFC and other world-renowned organizations.”