LSQ created a $5 million working capital facility and accounts receivable management program for a California-based trucking and logistics company, which will use the additional capital to support growth and new customer acquisitions.

In addition to the working capital facility, LSQ will provide the company with accounts receivable and customer credit management. The trucking company was referred to LSQ by DELCO Advisory Group.

“It was a pleasure working with the partner and client on this deal,” Kyle A. Rich, senior business development officer at LSQ, said. “In my 11 years at LSQ, this was one of the most responsive clients I have worked with, so we were able to get them funded in three weeks. We look forward to helping the company achieve its growth goals.”

“LSQ is excited about entering into this partnership and are looking forward not only to continuing to help them grow but helping them operationally as well,” Emily Lebron, senior underwriter at LSQ, said. “Their eagerness to close helped us analyze the risk and get them to the finish line quickly.”

“Working closely with the LSQ team was a very positive and pleasant experience,” Jeff Delli Paoli, CEO of DELCO Advisory Group, said. “They listened to the needs of the client, helped set realistic expectations and were able to fund within three weeks.”