LSQ entered a strategic supply chain finance partnership with Ecobat, a sustainable energy solutions company. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in bolstering supplier health and generating vital working capital for Ecobat.

Ecobat’s decision to partner with LSQ reflects a shared commitment to operational excellence and financial resilience. By leveraging LSQ’s expertise in working capital solutions, Ecobat has unlocked new opportunities for optimizing cash flow and enhancing vendor engagement.

“Our collaboration with LSQ has been instrumental in transforming our vendor relations and strengthening our financial position,” Carter Johnson, senior manager of procurement at Ecobat, said. “Through innovative strategies and early payment options, LSQ has played a crucial role in safeguarding the health of our suppliers and driving sustainable growth.”

“Providing early-payment options for suppliers was first and foremost for us in creating a supply chain finance program,” Scott Paredes, Ecobat vice president and treasurer at LSQ, said. “Giving them the option to get paid within one day for their invoices makes us a partner in their growth. The bonus is that we have been able to standardize terms, generate working capital for Ecobat and reduce costs by using LSQ’s payments automation and consolidation.”

“Security is paramount in today’s digital landscape, and our partnership with Ecobat is founded on a shared commitment to data protection and privacy,” Paredes said. “By implementing state-of-the-art security protocols, we ensure the highest level of confidence and trust in our financial solutions.”

The collaboration between LSQ and Ecobat underscores the value of proactive financial management and underscores LSQ’s position as a trusted partner in driving business success.

“We greatly appreciate the faith Ecobat has placed in LSQ,” Amarish Kapadia, vice president of working capital solutions at LSQ, said. “Our collaboration with Ecobat exemplifies LSQ’s commitment to driving financial excellence and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. By leveraging our expertise in working capital solutions, we feel we’ve empowered Ecobat to achieve remarkable results in supplier relations and financial operations.”

“By expanding access to working capital to their suppliers, we are able to grow Ecobat’s capacity and help them boost their sustainable supply chain initiatives,” Vikas Shah, chief revenue officer at LSQ, said. “We’ve seen over and over that suppliers want to improve their environmental footprint, but often lack the financial resources to do so.”