Loeb Term Solutions hired Greg Andricopulos as CFO and Eric Schwartz as CIO and CMO.

Andricopulos was previously the CFO for an auction and appraisal firm. A certified turnaround professional with the Turnaround Management Association, Andricopulos went on to become VP of finance at a division of Bosch, and VP of Cloud Packaging Solutions. He will lead the financial aspects of all Loeb companies.

Schwartz is an experienced technology and digital marketing executive. Before coming to Loeb, he served as a technology leader and executive at several financial trading firms in Chicago. He also has been an advisor to early stage technology companies. He will be heading up the digital and information technology areas for all Loeb companies.

“Greg and I have been in touch for years and years,” Jim Newman, principal at Loeb Term Solutions, said. “My memories of Greg are of him in the late 1990s, always balancing everything out after the live auctions. This image always stayed with me as the picture of person who was totally in control of finances.”

“I have been impressed with Eric’s accomplishments in the ever rapidly changing financial trading world for many years,” Howard Newman, president of Loeb Term Solutions, said. “As well as in a number of other industries in his efforts to keep firms competitive and at the forefront of technology. With his talents onboard at Loeb, our technology-forward approach will be used to serve all of our clients’ needs at a never-seen-before level in this industry.”