Ankura appointed John Levitske senior managing director, based in the Chicago office. Levitske brings more than 30 years of experience acting as a senior advisor to companies, owners, executives and legal counsel in business disputes, shareholder disputes and M&A transactions regarding issues of valuation, finance, damages and accounting and focuses on business valuation and complex financial disputes.

Ankura Co-President Philip Daddona stated, “The Chicago office in 2017 has grown significantly, and John’s arrival adds a great deal of depth to an incredibly strong team. We are so pleased he has joined us, bringing with him the top-tiered experience that defines Ankura.”

Before joining Ankura, Levitske spent more than two decades in the Big Four public accounting and international consulting space where he handled issues for clients concerning business valuation, financial analysis, economic damage quantification, forensic accounting, retrospective solvency analysis, and post-merger and acquisition accounting calculations.

He has experience with appraisals of healthy and distressed companies for buyouts of shareholders and creditors, transaction planning, estate and gift taxation, financial accounting, bankruptcy proceedings and litigation disputes.

He has testified several times as an expert witness in American courts and European-Asian tribunals for depositions, hearings, bench and jury trials, and international arbitrations, including ICC, SCC, AAA, JAMS, FINRA arbitrations. He also has served as a neutral arbitrator and rendered binding decisions on disputed matters.

“I look forward to 2018 with our Ankura team,” Levitske said. “We will bring clients and their legal counsel expertise on important business valuation and complex financial dispute issues, measure value or economic damages, and help them find solutions to problems.”