Daily News: July 17, 2012

Lawrence Closes Seven Transactions in Second Quarter

In the second quarter of 2012, Lawrence Financial set a record for funding seven transactions with a total initial financing in excess of $28 million in lines of credit.

Deals closed most recently included

  • $5 million for Compex Legal Services of Torrance, CA. Compex provides litigation support for law firms, insurance companies and healthcare entities.

  • $3 million for Global Brands, Scottsdale, AZ. Global supplies supermarkets and other mass merchandisers with imported products.

    Both companies will use their loans to fund continuing growth and expansion.

    Earlier in the quarter, Lawrence assisted John B. Rudy Co. of Compton, CA, obtain a revolving working capital facility of $9.5 million and Cimarron Entertainment, Hollywood, a $6 million facility. Rudy is a distributor of wire and cable to telecom firms. Cimarron is a full service advertising and media provider.

    Other companies funded in the second quarter included Sentinel Aviation, Kingman Aircraft and Intercable Company.