King Trade Capital added a new client to its growing business portfolio: a 26-year-old, Florida-based telecommunication supplier run by a seasoned team from the telecom service and distribution business.

KTC was introduced to the company by its long-time senior lender after the client closed a distribution agreement with a major mobile phone manufacturer to sell its phones to two of the largest U.S. wireless carriers.

The new sales contracts will more than double the revenues of the client by adding an additional $178 million in sales. In order to fund its growing sales, the client needed help finding a financial solution which would allow it to execute upon its sales without selling too much equity.

By utilizing its expertise of the risks inherent in providing purchase order and supply chain finance solutions, King Trade underwrote the company’s customer contracts, as well as the mobile phone manufacturer’s distribution agreements, to create workable solution.

KTC’s Andy Chong worked closely with the client and its team to structure a solution that worked together with the current senior lender, as well as the mobile carriers’ Citibank supply chain invoice financing. The financing put in place will provide the needed cash to pay the mobile phone supplier for the weekly shipments.

Edward King, King Trade founder and managing partner, said, “I’m proud of how our team listened to our clients’ needs and put together a finance solution that helps them grow their sales and profits when their balance sheet was not big enough to access traditional asset-based or bank financing. We make our funding decisions internally using our own capital, so we offer confidence and stability to our clients and referral sources that others cannot provide. In this instance we quickly provided an initial $9 million of cash allowing our client to keep a very tight delivery schedule at the beginning of their new program.”