Daily News: June 20, 2017

King Trade Provides $5.5MM PO Finance Facility to Fragrance Company

King Trade Capital closed a purchase order facility for a New York-based fragrance and accessories company.

The company, a startup with an experienced management team, was in need of a flexible finance solution to help support the manufacturing of products to fulfill $11.5 million of purchase orders from a large retailer. Despite the lack of operating history of the company, King Trade focused on the experience of the management team, its prior track record in the industry and history with the retailer from past businesses.

Given the number of suppliers involved and multiple third-party locations from which product would be shipped, King Trade structured a facility to provide letters of credit and documents against payment financing based on the terms of each specific supplier. Availability under the facility was also provided to support payment of freight and logistics costs as well as third-party fulfillment and storage costs.

King Trade’s solution will allow the company to demonstrate its ability to fulfill large seasonal orders despite only being in business for a short period of time to the retailer. It will also provide the company with the support needed to fulfill future programs of similar size or larger as it continues to grow its business.