King Trade Capital completed a $2.4 million purchase-order finance facility for a Florida-based, minority-owned government contractor.

A financial consultant, who had previously utilized KTC to finance another government contractor, contacted King Trade Capital to help its current client acquire the capital necessary to fulfill its growing contracts with FEMA.

KTC assessed the client’s abilities and ultimately proposed and quickly underwrote the finance relationship in order for the Client to fulfill an initial $3.5 million contract.

Because of KTC’s expertise and financial flexibility, the client was able to structure timely deliveries that met the requirements of the initial contract while also mitigating risks.

King Trade Capital, working closely with the financial consultant and the client, established an inter-creditor relationship with a well-known receivables finance lender who is lending against the receivables once the goods are delivered to FEMA.

With the help of KTC, the client was able to secure the goods and complete its contract with FEMA, and it now has the ability to fulfill large contracts and thus grow its business.