KCP Advisory Group announced it has successfully assisted in the refinancing and restructuring of a leading commercial construction contractor. The refinancing of senior debt and the closing on an additional subordinated debt facility, along with refinements to the business operations, will allow the company to restore profitability and access working capital for growth.

KCP said with large losses over a period of years, this highly-seasonal, New England Company had struggled to access its pipeline of business and meet its debt obligations. KCP facilitated the refinancing of the senior loan facility as well as a second-lien facility which provided access to much needed working capital for capital expenditures, to fuel growth and strengthen the company’s bottom line.

“Rapid growth during better times led to multiple business units that were no longer contributing to the company’s profitability,” explains KCP managing director, Chris Creutz. “By focusing the business on its most profitable segments, improving operational efficiencies, restructuring its debt obligations, improving cash-flow and providing sufficient working capital, we believe that our client is positioned for profitable growth.”

KCP provides financial advisory, corporate restructuring, litigation support, and business performance improvement services to lender, investor, legal and corporate stakeholders.