Irontrax welcomed Rick Wilichowski to its team. Wilichowski brings a wealth of knowledge from his more than 30 years in the appraisal business. Wilichowski has been with Gordon Brothers/AccuVal Associates for most of his career where he most recently held positions of practice group leader for personal property valuations and business development in the Midwest.

Throughout Wilichowski’s multifaceted career, he has appraised machinery and equipment of all varieties across numerous industries in the U.S., giving him vast experience and insights into assets and industries both common and extremely unique. He has a deep understanding of his client’s valuation needs whether the valuation is required for lending, leasing, financial reporting, litigation, tax dispute or a variety of other uses. On top of being an expert appraiser, Wilichowski has become a leader in business development who puts his clients and their needs at the top of his priority list.

With all that can be said about what Wilichowski has done throughout his career, Irontrax could not be more excited to bring him in as an integral part of the company’s future.