The International Factoring Association (IFA) appointed four new members to the IFA advisory board for a two-year term. These new additions bring decades of experience that will help bolster the IFA’s ability to tackle industry complexities head-on, foster innovation and drive sustainable growth initiatives for members and partners alike.

Tina Capobianco, Senior Vice President, Operations at J D Factors

Tina Capobianco began her extensive career in factoring in 1992 as an account executive and has covered all areas, including operations, credit and underwriting and business development. She now oversees J D Factors’ Canadian operations and portfolio with its head office in Mississauga and offices in Montreal and Calgary. In her new role on the advisory board, Capobianco brings a wealth of leadership experience and a proven track record of fostering innovation and strategic growth within the factoring industry.

Chad Eberly, General Manager & Co-Founder of Encore Funding

Chad Eberly has spent over a decade overseeing business operations starting with his role as the manager of risk assurance at PwC, auditing and advising clients on business process and IT controls. He now serves as the general manager and co-founder of Encore Funding. As an active member of the NEXGEN committee, Eberly is perfectly positioned to help educate the next generation of professionals on the factoring industry with his creativity and sense of entrepreneurship.

Juan Estrada, CEO of Quickpay Funding

Juan Estrada is the co-founder and CEO of Quickpay Funding, a factoring company. A seasoned commercial finance executive with a deep understanding of factoring, Estrada also serves as a member of Bank of America’s treasury advisory board for CashPro and is a passionate advocate for innovation in factoring, particularly in the areas of real-time payments and technology-driven operational efficiency. His expertise, exceptional leadership qualities and adeptness in financial factoring have uniquely positioned him to contribute significantly as a valuable member of the advisory board.

Glendon Paulk, Vice President of Diversified Lenders

Glendon Paulk has spent two decades leading Diversified Lenders. In his role as an owner and chief operations officer, Paulk has demonstrated a passion for helping companies achieve their goals through a relationship-based approach to problem solving. When not working, his hobbies include spending time outdoors by ranching, hunting and fly-fishing near his home in Keller, Texas as well as supporting charity organizations like Risers for Rhett, Tunes for Barrett and Casting 4A Cure. Paulk will bring to the board his strategic insights and operational expertise to ensure exceptional guidance.

“We are excited to welcome Tina, Chad, Juan and Glendon onto the advisory board,” Tania Daniel, executive director of the IFA, said. “Their experience and factoring acumen will energize our strategy and drive forward our mission with renewed perspective and energy.”

Additionally, the IFA recognized its departing advisory board members, who have finished their two-year term; Gail Reints, president and founder of Sky Business Credit; Oscar Rombola, managing director at eCapital; and Greg Salomon, president of Oxygen Funding.