Daily News: November 7, 2014

IFA to Hold International Trade and Factoring Workshop

The International Factoring Association will once again hold its International Trade and Factoring workshop on February 19 and 20, 2015, at the JW Marriott in Miami. The two-day training course will provide a complete guide to developing an in-depth understanding of the key areas of global trade and factoring.

Attendees will walk away with a deep understating of best practices in international trade and factoring as well as insight into the challenges, risks and legal aspects of engaging in cross border business. Attendees will also receive a comprehensive overview of underwriting transactions and understanding clients’ and prospects’ businesses, as well as ideas to better equip business developers when evaluating prospective international business opportunities.

Some of the topics covered will include: Overview of International Trade, Delivery Terms, Terms of Payment- Advantages and Disadvantages, Risks, Managing Import/Export Risks, Financing In-Transit, Work-in-Progress and Finished Inventory, Reverse Factoring and Legal Aspects of International Factoring.

Attendees will receive a 50% discount on registration at the 21st Annual Factoring Conference to be held April 15-18, 2015, at The Roosevelt New Orleans.