The International Factoring Association released the inaugural edition of the USA Legal Compendium for the Factoring Industry.

The compendium was compiled with assistance from attorneys throughout the U.S. and contains information designed to support legal decision making.

The new release includes topics such as:

  • Commercial lending licenses
  • State tax liens
  • Liability and penalties for unauthorized filing of financing statements
  • Confessions of judgment
  • State sales tax liability
  • The Assignment of Claims Act and state government entity assignments
  • Enforcement of judgment liens

“The compendium will be a great reference tool for factoring companies, making it faster and easier to stay up to date on the laws, regulations and pressing legal topics related to factoring,” said Bert Goldberg, executive director of the IFA. “As you can imagine, it was a huge undertaking, and we couldn’t have done it without the attorneys generously volunteering their time. My sincere thanks to Steve Kurtz, Mike Ullman, Bob Zadek and David Jencks, who volunteered their time to complete a comprehensive review of all of the documents.”

Goldberg took the initiative to start the compilation several years ago and enlisted the attorneys to help create the categories they thought would be relevant to the factoring industry.

Each code is formatted consistently from state to state so it is easy to reference, and any references to specific codes are hyperlinked to the code to keep the content current. The inaugural release contains information on the majority of states. As more states are added, an updated version will be made available to buyers.

Headquartered in Avila Beach, CA with more than 425 corporate members, the International Factoring Association is the largest association of commercial finance companies in the world.