Daily News: January 14, 2013

IFA Launches 2013 Factory Industry Survey

The International Factoring Association (IFA) announced the launch of its bi-annual Business Profile and Performance Survey.

The survey will provide trends and industry benchmarking data on factors’ operations, client types, business development practices, human resource policies, as well as other key business statistics.

The survey will be conducted by Industry Insights, an independent research and consulting firm headquartered in Ohio during January through February of 2013.

“I’m excited to provide the much-anticipated survey to our members,” said Bert Goldberg, executive director of the IFA. “Factors will be able to use the results to measure their performance against industry standards.”

The survey will benchmark:

  • Company Profiles

  • Client Details

  • Operating Metrics

  • Business Development Practices

  • Bad Debts & Credit Reviews

  • Human Resources/Employee Benefits

  • Information Technology

  • Factors by 2010 Gross Invoices Funded

  • Factors by Average Deal Size

  • Factors by Market Specialty

  • Factors by Geographic Region

  • Same Sample Comparison

    The survey was mailed to companies in the U.S. and Canada on January 8.

    For more information about the IFA and/or the survey, click here.

    The IFA is an association of commercial finance companies including factoring, asset-based lending and other receivables finance companies.