The International Factoring Association and International Factors Group reached a cooperative agreement.

A key benefit of the agreement is the opportunity for both organizations to share knowledge and extend their reach through seminars, workshops and networking events. By providing information, training and purchasing power, both organizations assist banks, finance companies and users of alternative financing services engaged in factoring and receivable financing. The cooperative agreement allows both associations and their members to:

  • Showcase each other’s events
  • Organize factoring seminars workshops together
  • Invite members of both organizations to their seminars and workshops
  • Attend each other’s events at membership-only rates
  • Build a global network of factoring professionals
  • The IFA has also entered similar agreements with associations in South America, Europe and Asia.

    “The factoring movement has grown exponentially over the past two years through these constructive agreements,” said Bert Goldberg, IFA executive director. “Adding another association to our group shows there is great potential for us to help each other assist businesses globally while advancing our industry. I’m looking forward to our first joint event.”