IDS, a provider of enterprise solutions for the secured finance industry, signed a partnership agreement with Tamarack Technologies, a provider of digital transformation services and solutions for the equipment finance industry. The partnership will capitalize on the demand for IDScloud and accelerate the migration of equipment finance firms to the end-to-end, software-as-a-service solution for equipment finance.

“We are excited to partner with Daniel Nelson and the innovative team at Tamarack,” Katie Emmel, chief operating officer of IDS, said. “Tamarack has built a great reputation in the market over many years and with their dedicated focus to the equipment finance industry are well positioned to support our strategy. Tamarack provides a wealth of industry and technical expertise and complementary solutions to this partnership. As demand for digital transformation continues to increase, especially as organizations move to the cloud, Tamarack brings the right combination of skills and technologies to support the growing number of equipment finance firms migrating to IDScloud.”

Through this partnership, Tamarack will leverage its knowledge of the U.S. equipment finance market to support IDS in identifying new IDScloud opportunities, provide consulting services to support customer onboarding to IDScloud and provide a suite of data, IoT and workflow automation solutions to IDS clients.

“Tamarack and IDS share a digital vision to bring innovation to the equipment finance market,” Nelson, who is the founder and CEO of Tamarack Technologies, said. “There has been a marked shift in the need to embrace digital transformation and specifically cloud-based solutions. As a result, companies across the equipment finance ecosystem are seeking solutions for capturing and using operational and other types of data to streamline the decision-making process and improve customer service. We are excited to join IDS in the advancing this vision. Being part of the IDS marketplace enables us to create the pathways for integration and value-added applications.”

IDScloud is a platform that can be used for a range of secured finance applications, including, equipment finance, asset-based lending, factoring and automotive finance solutions.