FleetNurse, a mobile application and platform for on-demand healthcare staffing, secured new funding via a Series A funding round led by HCAP Partners. FleetNurse will use the new funds to accelerate growth in new and existing markets and to bring enhanced functionality to its platform.

FleetNurse brings a gig economy approach to healthcare staffing, addressing the needs of both healthcare professionals and facilities. As more nurses demand a sustainable work-life balance, FleetNurse’s model gives nurses control of their schedules while also putting power in the hands of facilities to easily manage their staffing needs. Its on-demand staffing technology allows facilities to fill shifts within an hour’s notice. The ever-growing imbalance between supply and demand for nurse labor has fueled the company’s rapid growth, with FleetNurse revenue more than tripling in 2021.

“FleetNurse is not just your garden-variety staffing company,” Israel Angeles, CEO of FleetNurse, said. “We are utilizing the most up-to-date and smart technology to meet healthcare’s continuous need for staffing. FleetNurse utilizes local nursing resources to fill shifts within a moment’s notice. With HCAP’s support, we will accelerate that growth to become the number one labor partner for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.”

“With the pandemic highlighting the need for further innovation in nurse staffing, FleetNurse has become a trusted, go-to partner for on-demand nurse staffing solutions,” Nicolas Lopez, principal at HCAP Partners, said. “The company has created a powerful software solution for matching high-quality nurses to facilities in both the acute and post-acute markets. With the nursing shortage continuing to accelerate, we strongly believe FleetNurse is in an excellent position to help its clients to achieve better patient outcomes.”