Graystone Capital said, via its technology lending division, it issued a $500,000 credit facility to a leading advanced analytics professional services firm. Based in Silicon Valley, the company focuses on capturing and analyzing “big data” and unstructured data streams that ever increasing devices are emitting at an unprecedented rate. Its sophisticated modeling enables predictive trends assessment for developing customer-facing business strategies, advanced data ingestion approaches and efficient data storage techniques.

“The company plans to utilize the line of credit for growth capital, although they do not necessarily have needs to invest in capital equipment, they do require human capital to fulfill potential revenue ramps, which may demand significant up-front outlays in cash. As a result, we have designed a line of credit that can be readily accessible to support the cash infusion these potential growth spurts may require,” said Kevin O’Hare, CEO of Graystone Capital.

O’Hare also remarked, “Our technology finance division seeks to assist emerging growth companies that possess management strength and disruptive technologies and/or support services well established enterprises.”