Daily News: June 7, 2012

Graystone Capital Provides A/R Credit Line to Tennessee Company

Graystone Capital has announced the issuance of an accounts receivable line of credit to a Tennessee-based company. This company produces machined goods and specializes in Swiss, Screw and CNC lathe machining. It serves numerous industries including medical, electronics and automotive.

“Graystone Capital is proud to partner with this approximately 30 year old Tennessee firm, which also expands our Eastward footprint. It gives me great pleasure to continue my association with this reputable borrower, especially after they have already enjoyed a 25-year relationship with my previous employer and bank affiliate,” said Kevin O’Hare, CEO of Graystone Capital.

Graystone Capital is a direct lender that specializes in asset-based lending services designed to support the growth of American companies. The Technology Finance division targets small- to-medium cap emerging technology companies with venture debt and other early-stage debt financing.