Gordon Brothers promoted 25 employees in 2018 across North America, Europe and Asia. The promotions are a result of the firm’s continued growth as well as professional development within various business units.

“We’re proud of the accomplishments of each of these talented individuals,” said Ken Frieze, CEO of Gordon Brothers. “They’ve cultivated deep expertise throughout their time at Gordon Brothers and will continue to put that knowledge into practice to better serve our clients.”

The promotions in North America included:

  • Rob Travis to managing director, corporate controller
  • Corrie Cummings to manager, Human Resources
  • Jamie Ahu to senior associate, Field Operations, Retail
  • Jake Jaeger to associate, retail analyst, transferring from the Valuations group
  • Caroline Fleites to specialist, Operations, Commercial & Industrial

Promotions in the North American Valuations group included:

  • Aaron Walton to managing director, Business Development
  • Erick Beaudoin to director
  • Noel Fitzpatrick to senior manager
  • Sandy Mickas to senior manager
  • William Ryan to senior manager
  • Spencer Wilichowski to manager
  • Nick McDonald to senior appraiser
  • John Shakon to appraiser
  • John Suarez to senior analyst
  • Eric Teixeira to senior analyst
  • Eliot Kaufman to business development, Northern Region
  • Mosana Khan to business development, Canada

In Europe:

  • Rob Stenton to managing director, Operational Finance
  • Daniela Pontonutti to senior associate, business analyst
  • Igor Poulis to senior associate, business analyst

In Japan:

  • Norikazu Harada to senior managing director
  • Eiki Sui to managing director
  • Takahiko Mori to vice president
  • Weigang Shang to vice president
  • Akinori Tsujioka to vice president

“We are grateful for these employees’ contributions to Gordon Brothers and look forward to their continued growth at the firm,” said Karin Spychalski, director, Human Resources.